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We are sustainable and use recycled PET plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets to craft our designer fabric range. We also strongly support ocean conservation, women's health and well-being.

Our Eco Active wear maintains a high level of environmental and social responsibility to promote our Earth positively. 

We strive to be a conscious producer for conscious consumers; and manufacture high quality active wear that has as little impact on the environment as possible.


Our fabrics and are made of high quality.

Recycled PET is used in our printed collections. The PET is woven with spandex to create a COOLMAX® performance fabric, resulting in the ultimate workout pants that are breathable, comfortable, moisture wicking and quick drying.


We are introducing non-printed sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, which boasts excellent recovery power and always the perfect muscular compression aimed at decreasing the production of lactic acid, thus boosting a faster recovery of energy. Soft and pleasant on the skin, compact and breathable, it is also highly UV protective ( UPF 50+).


If you look closely, hidden in the stitching and detail of every Spiritgirl clothing piece, you will find extra special love and care. 

Every garment is made with a great amount of attention to ensure items are manufactured to the highest of quality. We have beautiful relationships with our production partners and nurture this as an extension of our family. Each person that helps to make our clothes are heroes to us.  


We believe everyone that helps make our active wear is treated fairly, respected and looked after.  Our production partners and suppliers share our values and are an extension to the Spiritgirl family. The women who make our clothes are our heroes. It’s of huge importance to us that they’re working conditions match, along with the pay they receive for their hard and exceptional work.  The result of such care and well being is woven into the seams of every piece we produce.  

We are proud to acknowledge our manufacturers as responsible, respectful with safe and clean environments. We visit regularly to align on values, which have never been compromised.


Our products reduces: 

  • The need for landfill space 
  • Demand for dyes and fixing agents 
  • Demand on oil, every 1 ton of recycled PET yarn can save 6 tons oil 
  • Resulting in less pollution and energy savings (more than 80% than virgin products)


And, our eco-awareness does not simply stop at our products. We only use biodegradable packaging and mailing bags!

We use Mielie Mailer shipping bags to courier our products. These bags are made from PLA which is derived from spoiled mielies (unfit for human consumption), PBAT and cornstarch, and are internationally certified as home compostable. They also happen to be carbon neutral. 🌳

Using Mielie Mailers contributes to tree planting initiatives and projects in Africa. 🌍🚚

Mielie Mailers plant trees to offset the carbon emissions (pollution from vehicles. Why trees? They're considered to be the best way to mitigate climate change. They also provide a host of other benefits to surrounding communities and wildlife.

Spiritgirl Biodegradable Shipping SatchelSpiritgirl Biodegradable Shipping Satchel

Not only are we helping to keep plastic out the ocean but we also use proceeds from our I Am Water and Angel Fish products and to give towards I AM WATER Ocean Conservation.

I AM WATER Ocean Conservation was founded in 2010 by passionate ocean lovers who acknowledge that mankind and nature cannot survive without each other. They believe ocean degradation is fundamentally due to human disconnect, and the way to change the course for our oceans is engaging and educating individuals on their role for a healthy planet.  

Our blue planet may be divided by continents, but it is united by oceans. For the more than seven billion people on our rapidly growing planet, solving the challenges to our shared, sustainable future relies on the knowledge of individuals along with the conservation of resources.  They provide global opportunities to engage and educate ocean-users with the world beneath the waves and to understand their personal opportunity to protect the planet. 

More information on I AM WATER Ocean Conservation can be found here

To shop or view the I Am Water yoga pants / workout leggings click here.

Spiritgirl Eco-friendly Leggings

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